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Conservative Party Wins Majority in UK Elections

David Cameron of the Conservative Party won England's election with a clear majority. That means the conservatives do not have to form a coalition government with the liberals. Hunting should become legal in England since a vote in parliament was promised on the conservative platform.

Baily's Announces the Publication of Three New Books


Baily’s Hunting Directory Quiz Book
Baily’s Hunting Directory Activity Book
Baily’s pre-annual directory, 1870–1883

Baily’s Hunting Directory has for decades been regarded as the ‘Bible’ of the hunting world. Now, three new books will be launched in the UK at the Peterborough Festival of Hunting on July 17 and the CLA Game Fair, Ragley Hall, Warwickshire, on July 19–21.

In Appreciation of Commander Bill King, 1910-2012

Commander Bill King smallWilliam Donald Aelian ‘Bill’ King died recently at the magnificent age of 102 at his home, Oranmore Castle, in County Galway, Ireland. He was a highly decorated submarine commander, a world renowned sailor, boxer, athlete, organic farmer, writer, and a family man.

In addition, he was a lifelong follower of the Galway Blazers, and Lady Molly Cusack Smith’s Bermingham & North Galway Foxhounds with his late wife, the author Anita Leslie who he met in the Lebanon during the war in 1940. She was a daughter of Sir John Randolph Leslie and Marjorie Ide a daughter of General Henry Clay Ide, a former American Ambassador to Spain, and Governor of the Philippines. Anita had been previously married to the well known Russian cavalry officer Colonel Paul Rodzianko who was appointed chief instructor of the Irish Army Equitation School in 1928. She wrote seventeen books, including Lady Randolph Churchill, The story of Jenny Jerome, the life of Sir Winston Churchill’s mother, and Sir Francis Chichester, the biography of the famous round the world yachtsman. Bill held the distinction of being the only submarine commander to command a British submarine on the first and last days of World War II, such were the perils of such a dangerous command. He was also the last surviving submarine commander of the British Navy from the last war.

Former Head of UK Land Army Appointed to Lead Countryside Alliance

Former head of the UK Land Army Lieutenant General Sir Barney White-Spunner, KCB CBE has been appointed Executive Chairman of the Countryside Alliance and Director of the Countryside Alliance Foundation with effect from 9th February, taking on all the responsibilities of current Chief Executive, Alice Barnard, who leaves in early February. Barney will be based in the Alliance’s London Headquarters.  Kate Hoey MP, will remain Chairman of the Board of the Countryside Alliance.

Alastair Jackson, Director of the British Masters of Foxhounds Retires

Mounted hunting is a huge fraternity of people with a passion which takes on a lifestyle that is shared wherever foxhunters travel.  They invite you to come hunt with them, lend you a horse, throw a dinner party, host you in their homes and thank you when you leave.  It is the same wherever you go.  How does that happen?

Well, in England it happens because of people like Alastair Jackson.  He has provided advice, information, help and made sacrifices that make hunting safer, fun and easier for us.  But, even more so, he dedicated his life to helping to save this great sport for future generations.

News From The Countryside Alliance: The Biggest Boxing Day for a Decade

A Happy New Year to all readers. The Countryside Alliance is celebrating what looked like a record turnout for the Boxing Day hunts in the United Kingdom. The news also quoted Agriculture Minister Jim Paice decrying the Hunting Act.  It was hard to keep under wraps, but a fortnight before Christmas I travelled with Jim to Milton Park, where we met with huntsman George Adams of the Fitzwilliam and had photos taken with some of the hunts’ gorgeous hounds. Our media team worked out a punchy quote with the Minister and set about making sure that this Boxing Day would be one of our strongest in recent memory.

The Countryside Alliance’s press release was picked up by the media. Mine and the Minister’s quotes were printed in all of the major national newspapers and featured in almost 200 local papers nationwide. CA representatives were also interviewed on BBC News, Sky News, the Today Programme and several other TV and radio stations. While the League desperately tried to play catch-up, the message from the hunting community was loud and clear – we’re still here, proud and ready for repeal. And then – in the midst of this flurry of media activity – reports started pouring in from hunts around the country that turnout was beyond what even they had expected. It wasn’t long until the media got wind of the increased numbers and 27 December was another great day for hunt coverage, as journalists wrote about record turnouts and renewed optimism and vigour from the hunting community.

We can all be proud of the reaction to the Boxing Day and New Year’s hunts – from those who turned out in record numbers to support their local hunt, to all in the hunting community who spoke to the media and helped project our confidence and desire to fight the ban. Add to this the strong words from a Government Minister acknowledging that “the current law simply doesn’t work”; and it makes for a real cause for celebration. The fight is far from over and we still need all your support for the coming fight, but it’s hard to deny that we have started the year in the best possible way!

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