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MFHA to Host International Union of Hunting with Hounds

The International Union of Hunting with hounds started out as a committee in the European organization called FACE (Federation of Associations for Hunting and Conservation), which represents some 8 million European hunters. More than a decade ago, it was suggested that FACE be expanded to all nations who hunt hounds on horseback, and IUHH was born.

New Young Handlers Classes for British Shows

We are delighted to share this report of additional classes for juniors at 2019 hound shows in the United Kingdom.Press Release -
March 15th 2019 - For immediate release: Exciting news for young hunting enthusiasts in Britain – New young handler classes to be introduced at The Harrogate Hound show and Lycetts Festival of Hunting, Peterborough. Building on the popularity of the now well established young handler’s class at the West of England hound show, Honiton.

National Sporting Library & Museum Hosts "Lady of the Chase" Presentation

On September 19, the National Sporting Library and Museum in Middleburg, VA, hosted a presentation by Alasdair Jackson on his new biography, Lady of the Chase, The Life and Hunting Diaries of Daphne Moore. Jackson, former Director of the Masters of Foxhounds Association in the United Kingdom and past Master at several distinguished hunts, accompanied his commentary with dozens of vintage photographs and hand-painted illustrations from the book about one of Britain's most respected sporting journalists.

Falconry Provides a Second Career for Racehorses in the UK

I started using horses for falconry in 2001, by mistake, really. I had just set up my outfit, Dartmoor Hawking, doing falconry commercially, as a change of life after the death of my first wife, and had got back to my parents' farm where I kept my horse at the time. I was riding a Thoroughbred mare named Toffee (Takethetopoff), and a girl who worked for me at the time was having problems with a young peregrine falcon. Without really thinking, I said "Pass it up here," and there I was: on a horse with a falcon, and a little thing went ping in my head.

Fitzwilliam Hunt Kennels (UK) Welcome Local Community

Earlier this month, the storied Fitzwilliam (Milton) Hunt, whose hound pedigree records date back to 1760, opened its kennel gates to the general public in what has become a popular annual outreach event. Located near the city of Peterborough, the open kennel day coincides with a local horse show that already brings most of the community out to spectate. The hunt, which has been under the stewardship of the same family for its entire history, began to offer wagon rides from the showgrounds to kennels a few years ago to educate the townspeople about hound care.

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