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Live Oak Charter, who went missing from the Virginia Hound Show May 24, 2014 in Leesburg, VA, is sadly still hanging about the Middleburg LOH logoTennis Club. Chanter was first spotted near the Tennis Club, roughly 20 miles from Morven Park, in early June. Repeated attempts to secure him have been unsuccessful. Piedmont Huntsman Spencer Allan and Whipper-In Neill Amatt have been on call to assist with capturing Charter.

According to Live Oak MFH Daphne Wood, Chanter "won't go in the trap or let Spencer Allen catch him. It's miraculous that he got from Morven Park to there without getting run over and has kept from getting run over since getting there.
I wish we had a bigger trap as Spencer thinks he early on went in half way, got the food, triggered the trap door but it may have come down on his back without catching him inside and now he is trap wise and spooky."

Live Oak has raised the reward to $500 on the condition that Chanter must be uninjured. "We will additionally give $1000 to the charity of choice of the person that gets him so long as it is not an animal rights organization," said Wood. "This whole thing has been devastating to us."


0 # Sandy Dixon 2014-08-21 21:57
Buy a bigger trap, cover the bottom with leaves and place food on the 'trip tray". I had a similar experience with a hound lost when we were hit by a tornado, this worked for us. Oh, we with held food for a day then put canned food on tray. I wish you the best. Sandy

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