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A Junior's Report from the New Jersey Inter-Hunt Puppy Show

On May 10th, I had the amazing opportunity to attend the New Jersey Inter-Hunt Puppy Show, hosted by Windy Hollow Hunt (NY). About a week before, a couple of my friends and I were invited to go to the kennels and attempt to learn how to show hounds in just a few days. After three or four days of watching and learning how to walk, stack, and bathe foxhounds, the day of the show approached quickly. Huntsman Chris Burrowswood was kind enough to lend us white coats and deal with us really not knowing what was going on!

Photo Gallery from Junior Handlers Show at Keswick

Seventeen youngsters had a great time at the May 13th Junior Handlers Hound Show, hosted by Keswick Hunt Club (VA) on the grounds of historic Montpelier. Entries represented Keswick, Farmington (VA), and the Farmington Beagles (VA). Hounds, beagles, children and spectators alike enjoyed a friendly competition, with a little education about presenting hounds and learning horn calls. Judges Charles Montgomery, huntsman at Bull Run, Elizabeth "Boo" Montgomery, and Charlotte D. Buttrick, ex-MFH, MBH, assisted by Ring Steward Barclay Rives, were cheerfully patient and good-natured through the afternoon, often giving advice and demonstrating correct technique to the juniors.

Kids Take Charge at Arapahoe Junior Meet

Arapahoe Hunt's (CO) Junior Hunt Day on April 8 was a marvelous day of "firsts" for the young members of the Arapahoe Hunt Pony Club! There were huge smiles on the faces of both kids and adults. From following hounds off the leadline to keeping up with whippers-in, many Pony Club members checked goals off their foxhunting wish lists.

Seven-Year-Old Reports on "My Favorite Day - the Hunt"

Colette "Coco" Barnicoat, age 7, recently enjoyed a day out with Santa Ynez Valley Hounds (CA) for their closing meet. She kindly submitted this recap of her day's sport with joint Masters Bonnie Hayden and Paul McEnroe and huntsman Claire Buchy-Anderson: "I am racing to my room to start packing for my favorite place, the ranch. It is a very good trip but it is two hours. And once we get there, we have dinner and then dessert and then we go to bed. But it's very hard to fall asleep.

Hunting is Doctor's Orders for Evan Dombrowsky

Riders often joke that going hunting is more effective than therapy to escape the stress and pressure of daily life. For 11-year-old Evan Dombrowsky, though, hunting is genuine physical therapy. Born with one hip out of socket, Evan just came through his sixth surgery to manage this condition. His doctors believe horsebackriding places his hips in a beneficial position and contributes to his gradual improvement. In addition to hunting Pete the pony with Loudoun Fairfax Hunt (VA), Evan has faithfully walked hounds out, helped around the kennels, and twice won Best Junior Handler at the Virginia Foxhound Show.

Metamora Hunt Junior Describes Her Thoroughbred Makeover Experience

My name is Emily VandenBerghe and I am a freshman at Oxford High School, in Oxford, Michigan. I have ridden horses since I could pretty much hold on (about two years old, my mom says). I join Metamora Hunt II Pony Club at the age of eight, which introduced me to foxhunting. I quickly fell in love with the sport and joined Metamora Hunt later that year.

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