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Hound Show Cancellations

All 2020 Hound Shows have been canceled.

A Message from MFHA President Tony Leahy, MFH

hunt scene in field“Load the truck up, hit the dirt road, jump the barbed wire, spread the word,” sings Jason Aldean, who just happens to be Chris Piro’s favorite country artist. Piro, Monmouth County’s 26 year old First Whipper In and Kennelsman, is a Dodge drivin’ man who hails from Farmington, New Mexico.

He gladly took a few minutes to chat with e-Covertside.

e- Covertside: How did you get involved with hunting?

Chris: I got involved with hunting through Kathy Poppi-Pullen who is one of our field masters.

e-Covertside: Name three things you never hunt without

Chris: I never hunt without a compass, wire cutters and a braided 550 cord.

e-Covertside: What is unique about your territory?

Chris: We have an assortment of terrain ranging from swamps to heavily wooded areas and areas which only fox and hounds can go into thick covert.

e-Covertside: What professional goals do you have?

Chris: I’d like to ride with as many huntsmen and whips so that I may learn to have the ability to whip and ride in any hunt country.

e-Covertside: What non-hunting items do you always have on hand?

Chris: I’m never without my knife and my belt. Outside of hunting I enjoy biking, kayaking and outfitting with my father.

e-Covertside: What is your most memorable hunt so far?

Chris: My most memorable hunt was at our Princeton Nurseries fixture. We had an awesome run and my huntsman was calling up hounds, I was with her when we heard panicking squeaks coming from the stream crossing. We went and looked and two and a half couple were stuck on the other side. I dismounted and gave her my horse and proceeded to forge the river to retrieve our hounds. I successfully got our hounds to my huntsman making her all on. That was my most memorable, coldest moment of hunting!

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