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Hound Show Cancellations

All 2020 Hound Shows have been canceled.

A Message from MFHA President Tony Leahy, MFH

On May 31 at the packed Radnor Hunt Club (PA) clubhouse, Dr. Marvin Beeman, DVM, Master and longtime huntsman at Arapahoe Hunt (CO) was named the 2019 recipient of the Julian M. Marshall Award. Presenting the award with show President L. Stockton Illoway, MB, Betsy Marshall commented that Dr. Beeman has dedicated his life to hounds and hunting - just like her father. At the show the next day, Dr. Beeman also judged the overall Foxhound Champion and Best in Show, as well as the inaugural Foxhounds Huntsman's Performance Class.


Stockton Illoway, Becky Marshall, Eunice and Marvin Beeman at Radnor. M. Drum photo.

The show catalog noted: "Julian M. Marshall served as President of the Bryn Mawr Hound Show Association from though 1987, and as Honorary President from 1988 through 1999. After Mr. Marshall’s death, his family inaugurated the award, which is presented at the Hound Show Association Luncheon by representatives of his family. It is given to a living individual based upon his or her lifetime contribution to hunting and hounds.

"Dr. G. Marvin Beeman began hunting in 1939 at the age 6. At age 10 he began whipping-in to replace the men who went off to war. He whipped in to his father, George Beeman, at The Arapahoe Hunt until 1987 when he became honorary huntsman; he retired in 2018 at the age of 85. During this time he exercised his hounds six days per week, and still found the time to become a celebrated veterinarian, 3 goal polo player, trail rider, husband, and father. He is an Emeritus-original partner at the Littleton Equine Medical Center where he has practiced since 1957, specializing in a variety of lameness and musculoskeletal issues.

"He is a past president of the MFHA and The American Association of Equine Practitioners. He has judged every major hound show, and in 2017 was inducted into the Huntsman’s Hall of Fame at the Museum of Hounds and Hunting. He still works and travels extensively to promote better veterinary practices, and so The Bryn Mawr Hound Show Association is delighted to have him here this year to judge our Grand Champion Class and to receive our Julian Marshall award in recognition of his lifetime contribution to hounds and hunting."

Dr. Beeman, accompanied by his wife Eunice, said, "I'm so honored to be getting this award. Hunting has been an institution for me, it's not just something to do." He continued, "Also, it had a great deal to do with my education, with all the wonderful people in the hunting field.... It's just such an absolute privilege to be able to grow up with hounds.

"My father and I have been to every opening hunt of the Arapahoe since 1929. My wife hunted, she whipped for my dad, my kids hunted, they whipped for my dad, and they all three whipped for me. So it's been a family affair."

He added, much to the crowd's amusement, "When you get my age, when you pick up something that says, 'What You Need to Do to Live Longer,' and it's exercise, you need to be with nature, and you need to have other interests - so that's me!"

commented that Arapahoe's country is 21,000 contiguous acres, with 212 trees.

The Foxhounds Huntsman's Performance Class, new this year, was won by Rose Tree-Blue Mountain Hunt (PA) with Red Oak Foxhounds (VA) placed second. The class specifications are the following:

To be judged concurrently with the four foxhound pack classes by a separate judge. 
Packs to be judged on attitude, cohesive behavior, biddability and responsiveness to their huntsman. Winner of class is nor necessarily the winner of their breed pack class.
Top three packs may be called back. $750 cash award to winning huntsman, $250 award to second place.
Pack class entry required.

It is hoped that this new prize will encourage more foxhound packs to contest the Pack Class, a highlight toward the end of the show day as the spectators sit on stone walls overlooking the spectacular steeplechase course as the packs present and move out for the judge.

Past recipients of the Julian Marshall Award include:

2001 - John H. Richards, Jr., ex-MFH
2002 - George S. Hundt, ex-MFH
2003 - Benjamin H. Hardaway, III, MFH
2004 - Joseph B. Wiley, Jr., MBH
2005 - Nancy Penn Smith Hannum, ex-MFH
2006 - Henry N. Woolman, III, ex-MFH
2007 - Russell B. Clark, Honorary MFH
2008 - Robert H. Crompton, III, MFH
2009 - Frank Hastings Griffin, III, MFH
2010 - Nigel Peel, MFH
2011 - John “Jake” Carle, II, ex-MFH
2012 - Sherman P. Haight, Jr., ex-MFH
2013 - Betsy Park, MB, MH
2014- C.Martin & Daphne F. Wood, Jt. MFH
2015- William E. Bobbitt,Jr.& Mandy McC. Bobbitt, MB
2016 - Capt. Ian W. Farquhar, LVO, MFH
2017 - Mrs. Peyton S. "Jeep" Cochran, MBH
2018 - Mr. Irvin L.Crawford and Mrs. Victoria Crawford, Jt. MFHs


0 # john Vierthaler 2019-07-02 14:08
Great and well deserved award. What the summary did not note is that Dr. Beeman didnt actually retire in 2018. He actually continued to whip or was a front runner in the field. Dr. Beeman is an exceptional man in every respect. It was my honor to be an Arapahoe field member riding behind Dr. Beeman for 30 years before my retirement.

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