The tale of the season
Is sad but true
Mother nature did thwart us
While our expectations grew

Hooray it’s time for cubbing
In August was the cry
In September we were hopeful
That the rain would pass us by
By October the conversations
With Donald before first light
Were regular occasions
And Cat’s emails then took flight
Cancelled, cancelled, cancelled
Change of fixture they did say
The footing’s bad, the trees are down
The rain won’t go away
November was just awful
Now the rain had turned to snow
And the mood around the kennels
Was hitting an all time low
Now with all this lamentation
It is only fair to say
We did get out, we did have fun,
With many a hunting day
And when we went the hounds did fly
And we did try to follow
Slopping through the mud
From mountain top to hollow
In December here we are
Optimists to the end
Maybe an open Winter
Maybe a new weather trend
Foxhunters are a special breed
We know just how lucky we are
You’ve all been so kind and supportive
Your sportsmanship has raised the bar
So Nancy, Parker, Fernanda and I
Thank you all for your endless good cheer
As we wish you the happiest of holidays
And great hunting in the coming new year


An early season snowfall. Photo by Erin McKenney, Millbrook whipper-in.


0 # Mary Millhiser 2019-01-09 19:39
So, So, SO unfortunately TRUE!
0 # Mary Millhiser 2019-01-09 19:39
So, So, SO unfortunately TRUE!

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